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Very important updates:

New deadline: September 1st!

More prizes added! Every entry gets 20 :points:!

Yes, yes, yes...FINALLY, IT HAS BEGUN!

I wanted to do a contest since almost a year, but I didn't feel ready for it on that time. Because I can't wait forever, I finally decided to hold it!

The theme of the contest will be very simple: Draw my OC Martina. You can see her references below.

Spreading the info about the contest would be really greatly appreciated. I don't know how many people would want to join it, I hope many XD. Please help me to make this contest a bit more popular. Even a small journal can help.

Rules (I know there's a lot of text, but you should read it carefully Sherlock Holmes):

Bullet; Red Don't be afraid that I won't like your entry. I love every little picture that somebody drew for me.
Bullet; Red You don’t need to ask if you can join the contest, everyone and every entry is very appreciated.
Bullet; Red You don't need to be a "watcher"; be a watcher only if you like my art, though if you watch me you will be updated about the contest status.
Bullet; Red Please follow the references, don't change my design very much.
Bullet; Red You can draw as many entries as you want, but only one can win.
Bullet; Red Any form of art is allowed. It can be anything and you can use any style you like (full body/bust up/headshot/chibi/realistic/anime style/3DCG/digital/traditional, your own personal style/animation/pixel art/icon, etc.) I really don't mind, it's cool to see different techniques.
Bullet; Red Entries must be in colour, though if you can't colour then I still accept Black/White or Gray-scale, but no linearts or simple sketches.
Bullet; Red Don't draw really weird drawing Martina as an animal or things like that...
Bullet; Red Please don't submit any mature content. PG-13 at least but not so extreme.
Bullet; Red Your entry must be new, you cannot enter my contest with an old picture you drew in the past.
Bullet; Red When you finish your entry please submit it to your dA gallery adding the link of my contest and mention me at the description.
Bullet; Red Inform me by sending a note with the title "Contest" and the link of your entry. All the entries will be favorited and put up in a specific folder created for this contest.
Bullet; Red You are allowed to use references but no bases or linearts.
Bullet; Red Have fun!! Hehe... That's not a rule but... Enjoy it ^^

It's not a requirement to advertise my contest, however advertisements will be welcome! w00t! 

The most exciting part...the prizes! Woohooooo! 

New addition: 20:points: for every new entry!

Point Left 1st place Winner Point Right 

Trophy500 Points 

Trophy One colored half body drawing by me :iconthenightwishmaster:
Trophy One colored half body drawing by :iconxmarinx:
Trophy One silhouette by :iconjunechristina:
Trophy One colored half body drawing by :iconkamuy787:
Trophy One free chibi commission by :icongingerhighlandergirl:
Trophy One colored chibi by :iconphoualis01:
Trophy One colored half body drawing by :icontheafn:
Trophy One full body pixel art by :iconlihyan96:
Trophy One icon art by :iconlihyan96:
Trophy Special feature by :iconlihyan96:
Trophy One full body colored art (digital or traditional) by :iconemfjx:
Trophy One Word Doodle by :iconemfjx:
Trophy Watch, Llama and Feature by :iconemfjx:
Trophy One full body drawing of two characters with background by :iconsorceress23:
Trophy One penned chibi by :iconkizunayui-studios:
Trophy Watch, Llama and feature by :iconmelananime:

Point Left 2nd place Winner Point Right 

Trophy 250 Points 

Trophy One colored chibi by me :iconthenightwishmaster:
Trophy One portrait by :iconxmarinx:
Trophy One silhouette by :iconjunechristina:
Trophy One colored chibi by :iconphoualis01:
Trophy One half body pixel art by :iconlihyan96:
Trophy One icon art by :iconlihyan96:
Trophy Special feature by :iconlihyan96:
Trophy One charcoal fanart (can be a real person) by :iconemfjx:
Trophy One Word Doodle by :iconemfjx:
Trophy Watch, Llama and Feature by :iconemfjx:
Trophy One full body drawing of two characters with background by :iconsorceress23:
Trophy One penned chibi by :iconkizunayui-studios:
Trophy Watch, Llama and feature by :iconmelananime:

Point Left 3rd place Winner Point Right

Trophy  150 Points 

Trophy One colored portrait by me :iconthenightwishmaster:
Trophy One colored chibi by :iconrosemei:
Trophy One silhouette by :iconjunechristina:
Trophy One chibi drawing by :iconlihyan96:
Trophy One icon art by :iconlihyan96:
Trophy Special feature by :iconlihyan96:
Trophy One full body pixel by :iconemfjx:
Trophy One Word Doodle by :iconemfjx:
Trophy Watch, Llama and Feature by :iconemfjx:
Trophy One full body drawing of two characters with background by :iconsorceress23:
Trophy One penned chibi by :iconkizunayui-studios:
Trophy Watch, Llama and feature by :iconmelananime:

Also three honorable mentions will get 75 Points each one, one Word Doodle and a Llama by :iconemfjx: and a traditional sketch/line art by :iconk9gqlukg:


For my contest I'll become a cold, fair, distant judge Judge  Every artist and entry will be treated the same. No one -I repeat- NO ONE will get any special treatment or more privileges just because they happen to be my friends, my inspiration, my motivations, my idols etc...

No way! I'll be fair and everyone will be treated equally.

There, I think I made myself clear.

The main subject: Martina's references:

Martina reference sheet by theNightwishmasterThe prettiest flower by theNightwishmasterSpringtime by theNightwishmasterMy cutie by theNightwishmasterMusic in my Soul by theNightwishmaster

Minimum entries: 21!

If there’s gonna be less than 21 entries, my contest will be cancelled, unless the number of entries is close to the goal in which case I will add an extension to the deadline. In case the contest is cancelled the artists which already submitted at least one entry to my contest will receive 10 Points as honourable prize (and 5 Points for each extra entry...) and the points donated and prizes will be returned to their respective donors.
More prizes will be added if there are more entries than the minimum I am a dummy!

La la la la Deadline: August 1st La la la la

NEW DEADLINE: September 1st 

(and no more than a week after that to choose the winners)

Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Blue Bullet; Purple Bullet; Black Bullet; White Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink

Do you have questions? :? (Confused)  Check below before you ask. You may find your answer:


Question: I want to know more about Martina's personality, can you give me some information?
Answer: In her reference picture I added important info about her. If you still find it inadequate then you can send me a note with the title: "Contest-question"

Question: Are we allowed to alter her clothes?
Answer: Thumbs Up Yes, you can alter her clothes: you can draw her into her casual clothes, uniform, pajamas, formal clothes, winter clothes etc. but be careful to fit her personality =p (Razz) 
However I do have some ideas about some alternative outfits, so if you want more information you can send me a note with the title: "Contest-question".

Question: Can I draw other characters in my entry that's not yours?
Answer: Hmm... no. As this is my first contest and even I would like to see Martina accompanied with other people's OCs, I want it to be focused only on her. However, as Martina loves animals you could add some in the scene if you want Meow :3

Question: Can I draw adult or violent scenes?
Answer: Thumbs Down Absolutely not!

Can I change your OC's age?
Answer: I would not recommend that. I understand that different styles may make her look younger or older but try to keep her age in your entry.

Question:Can I change some of her physical features?
Answer: Thumbs Down No, you can't. Please don't. If for example, you change the colors of her eyes/hair or draw glasses or such, she will stop looking like my OC. However, you can draw her with her hair loose.

Question:Is gender-bending allowed?
Answer: Thumbs Down No

Question: What will you be judging on?
Answer: Mostly art itself, effort, and how you display her personality through your art.

Question: Should my entry must have a background/texture?
Answer: It's not necessary, but of course it would be a plus if your entry have one.

Question: I would like to offer a prize, how can I inform you and what the prize could be?
Answer: First, thank you Glomp!. Leave a comment in my journal or send me a note with the title"Contribution Prizes for Contest". The prize could be anything: points, any kind of art, llama, watch, fave, feature, etc.

Question: I want to offer a prize but I want to enter your contest as well, is there a problem?
Answer: No, no problem at all Thanks for everything!. And you are most welcome!
If you have more questions, just ask!! theNightwishmaster, at your service! I salute you!

Phew! I think I wrote everything... and I feel dead tired XP I think I've fainted. 

St. Patricks Day! Good luck to you all! St. Patricks Day! 

Special thanks to everyone who volunteered to offer a prize. You rock! :happybounce: 

All entries can be found HERE

Police  Please do not steal from other people's art Police

P.S.: I'm so excited to see how many of you will enter my contest and I can't wait :eager: by darkmoon3636 to take a look at your wonderful art! :hooray:

This journal can be updated in case I get more prizes for the winners.
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Maybe you like my art and would like to show it by donating some :points:? Every single one is very appreciated and will be used to hold a future contest :D

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I'm a self-taught artist who likes to draw since I can remember and I'm always trying to improve my skills day after day.

Feel free to explore my gallery and leave some comments if you want ^^
See you there!

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Commission info


- Headshot $10 or 800 :points:
Cute neko Yuga by theNightwishmaster Clementine by theNightwishmaster
- Half body $20 or 1600 :points:
Additional characters $15 or 1200 :points: (3 characters max)
Lovely Tabbie by theNightwishmaster As the sun goes down... by theNightwishmaster
- Full body $30 or 2400 :points:
Additional characters $20 or 1600 :points: (3 characters max)
Almealnise Leodinine by theNightwishmaster I'm happy I found you... by theNightwishmaster

Prices may increase up to 50% if the design is too complex.
If you want just a sketch or line art ask for the prices.
Payment method is Paypal.

I don't do backgrounds so the final work will only include a simple background.

What I don't draw:
- Hentai (nudity and ecchi is ok but nothing too extreme or explicit)
- Gore, vore, weird fetishes
- Yaoi
- Furry and anthros (animal ears and tails are fine but the character must be visible as human)


This is a list of some of my pending works:

1- :iconrumianyan: Triple, full body
2- :iconserenitythefaierikin: Double, half body
3- :iconblackbear1: Single, half body
4- :iconblackbear1: Single, full body

Prize for :iconmelananime:'s Draw my Original Characters contest.

REQUESTS (alphabetical order)

As you can see it's a long list...

Note: commissions and my own art have priority.
Requests will be done in no particular order.


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